How ADeC supports women :


Since 2005, declared the “year of microcredit” by the United Nations, and in the wake of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank, microfinance media campaigns are countless, and all compete in success stories responsible for convincing people of the multiple benefits of the tool. The cliché of a miserable woman who has succeeded in overcoming the various facets of poverty is globalized: coming from a slum in Calcutta or the Sahelian desert, she would now be able, thanks to microfinance, to overcome the pangs of usurious debt, bringing with her husband (now very respectful of his wife), children (who since, would go to school) and, finally, the entire female community (now able to express themselves and assert their rights). The virtuous circle during which microfinance would lead to female emancipation is thus staged. The phenomenon of feminization of poverty: women are considered to be among the poorest of the poor and especially the most vulnerable. It is then "necessary" to help them as a priority, because they are the most disadvantaged. Statistics confirm this observation for single women (single mothers, widows and elderly women living alone). In the mid-1990s, more than half of women over 65 in Asia and Africa were widowed, compared to only 10% to 20% of men the same age. Many of these women combine monetary poverty and social exclusion and their vulnerability will continue to worsen due to the aging of the population (World Bank, 2003).


ADEC provides support to women:

- By granting them microcredits for those who need to boost their daily activities (commerce, shop, etc.)
- By encouraging them to save via our daily collection service, which consists of coming to them and collecting money which is then transferred to a savings account in their names,
- By allowing them to secure their contributions in our accounts to help finance their future projects.
By supporting them in their various investment projects such as the creation of a shopping center, crafts, breeding and many other sectors.