The checking account :


Also recognized as a commission account, A Checking Account is a bank or postal account through which checks can be used as a means of payment.


1 - The private checking account :


 This type of account is suitable for individuals.


Opening conditions:


- 1 4x4 photo;

- Photocopy of CNI or passport;

- Minimum at opening: 25 000 FCFA.


2 -The private checking account :


Have your salaries transferred to ADeC and benefit from numerous advantages: credits; Project study and support; Retirement savings advice. The opening of accounts is free and the first payment is not obligatory. Our services are also open to retirees (support for reconversion projects). We finance economic operators from all sectors of activity (rescuers, traders, SMIs, SMEs, etc.).


Documents to be provided for salary domiciliation:

Already in a Bank:

- Stamped request addressed to MINFI;

- 2 4x4 photos;

- CNI photocopy;

- Photocopy of the last pay slip;

- Certificate of effective presence;

- Certificate of non-royalty.


Under Cash Receipt :

- Stamp request addressed to MINFI;

- 2 4x4 photos; Photocopy;

- Certificate of effective presence.