For many consumers, financing expensive purchases or projects all at once is too difficult financially. To smooth their budget and avoid too much cash flow, they can turn to their bank to obtain consumer credit. That is to say, a capital loaned by the bank, which they then repay every month over a given period.

Like home loans, there is not one but several types of consumer loans:

- Personal loan

- revolving or revolving credit

- loan between individuals (PAP, available in particular at Younited Credit)

- rental with option to purchase (LOA) free credit

- private payment card (such as the Cofinoga credit card for example) mortgage life loan

- personal microcredit state guaranteed student loan

Consumer credit concerns transactions other than those related to real estate. It allows you to buy consumer goods (furniture, appliances, vehicle, etc.) or to have cash at your disposal. It is also a way for parents to finance their children's studies, to plan for the birth of a new child. In France in 2018, more than 8 million households used consumer credit. Rather than making a big cash effort, they prefer to pay back a little each month. The amount of credits is between € 200 and € 75,000, and the repayment period is greater than 3 months. Some so-called "unaffected" loans allow borrowers not to reveal the nature of their loan, especially if it is in the private domain (marriage, birth, personal project, etc.).